Nagpur: In a poignant tale of compassion and resilience, 19-year-old Vipasha found herself facing an overwhelming challenge when her mother, Sheetal Badole (50), was declared brain dead two years after losing her father. Amidst the shock and solitude, Vipasha made a remarkable decision – to sustain her mother’s legacy by choosing organ donation. AIIMS doctors responded to her humanitarian plea, and as a result, three individuals received the gift of life, while two others gained the precious gift of sight.


Sheetal Badole, a resident of Nara Road Jaripatka, worked as an accountant in a private company. Her health deteriorated suddenly, with symptoms of dizziness and vomiting. Despite initial attempts at a nearby hospital, her condition did not improve, leading to her admission to the All Indian Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) in Mihan. During her treatment, a medical team declared her brain dead, leaving Vipasha, having lost both parents in a span of two years.


AIIMS coordinators Pritam Trivedi and Prachi Khaire sensitively approached Vipasha about the possibility of organ donation. Inspired by her mother’s spirit and with her consent, the Divisional Organ Transplantation Committee (ZTCC) initiated the process for organ donation.


Sheetal Badole’s noble act breathed life into three young men teetering on the edge of death, waiting for an organ transplant. One kidney was donated to a 33-year-old male patient at AIIMS, the other to a 32-year-old patient at Care Hospital, and the liver to a 35-year-old patient. Additionally, the cornea was donated to the Department of Ophthalmology at AIIMS.


The organ donation landscape at AIIMS has been witnessing a positive trend, with last year seeing 11 successful donations through counseling relatives of “brain dead” patients, surpassing other medical institutions like Mayo Medical. The momentum continues into this year, with the 12th organ donation facilitated by the collaborative efforts of AIIMS medical professionals, including Medical Superintendent Dr. Manish Srigiriwas, Dr. Bharat Singh Rathod, Dr. Omshubham Asai, Dr. Viradh Katiyar, and intensivist Dr. Sucheta Meshram. Their initiative has brought hope and new beginnings for those in need of life-saving transplants.

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