The Consumer Forum Court of Vadodara has given a significant verdict regarding medical insurance claims. The claim does not require any person to be hospitalized for 24 hours. The court has said that times have changed. The consumer court has also mentioned that due to the new technology, patients do not need to be admitted to the hospital for a long time. In an order, the Baroda Consumer Forum has also ordered the insurance company to pay the insurance amount. 

What did the forum say?

Although it is assumed that the patient was hospitalized for less than 24 hours, the claim amount should be paid. In modern times, doctors treat according to new treatment techniques. It takes less time. Earlier patients had to be hospitalized for a long time. Mancha said that now patients are often treated without admitting them. The forum also clarified that the insurance company cannot reject the claim on the basis that the patient was not permitted to the hospital.

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