Why Indian-made medications are raising safety worries – Cough Syrups Death

  India’s $42bn drug manufacturing industry is one of the world’s largest In the winter of 2019, a number of children living in India’s Jammu region began falling sick with what many thought was a mysterious illness. The children, suffering from cough and cold, had been prescribed a cough syrup by local doctors. Instead of […]

University Of Southern California: USC Stem Cell Scientists Use Mini-Kidney Models To Identify Potential Drugs For Polycystic Kidney Disease

In a new study in Cell Stem Cell, scientists from the USC laboratory of Andy McMahon generated simple kidney-like structures called organoids, and used them to identify potential drugs to treat adult-onset polycystic kidney disease. Affecting 8 million patients worldwide, the adult-onset form of polycystic kidney disease follows what is known as an “autosomal dominant” […]